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You can touch this! offers anyone the unique opportunity to experience the fascinating principle of tensegrity, without spending time on building a model yourself. Tensegrity is a word for structures that maintain their shape by their tension elements (strings), while the compression elements (sticks) don't touch each other.

Tensegrity becomes more and more popular as analogy for the function of the human musculo-skeletal system, and so it's little surprising that my models are used as demonstration object by osteopaths, Alexander Yechnique teachers and even a neuro scientist. The shape of the structures are mostly derived from the Platonic Solids, which makes them a multi-sensortal teaching aid for 'boring' topics like geometry.

The models on offer here are tailored for portability and fun. The 12-stick models are roughly 20x20x20cm with a weight of ca. 35 grams. They get flattened for transport, depending on the springiness of a specific models they might even bounce out of the box once the tape is gone. As long as you don't stress test individual components (you can easily break a strut if you wanted to, or even tear or cut one of the tendons) of these structures, they will last a long time.

All objects besides The Affordable Tensegrity Toolkit come with a Certificate Of Authencity.

You can also have at the portfolio in my blog. Not everything can easily be send (at reasonable cost) around the world. Please contact me to inquire available options if you want to buy an object you saw on the blog.